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At N&L Blacksmithing we strive for quality, reliability and excellence. 


Celebrating more than 20 years of operation in NSW we are proud to be one of the few industrial engineering and forge shops remaining Australia wide. 


Having engineers and specialists in a wide range of services including; open die forging, pressing and stamping, machining, fabrication, hot/cold bending and heat treatment. N&L Blacksmithing provides components and parts for a variety of fields and applications throughout Australia. 




We are happy to

announce that one

of our apprentices

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Evans Scholarship.

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What is Forging?

Hot Forging is the process in which metals, ferrous and non ferrous are heated to a desired temperature and formed to shape. 



  • The forging process helps to promote important desirable properties into components.

  • The manipulation of the direction of grain flow for desired use

  • Forging is often a more economical method of manufacturing in small or large quantities compared to machining or fabrication.

  • No unwanted material loss (excluding surface oxides).

  • For many shapes forging is the only realistic way of manufacture


We Service Industries Including-


 (including but not limited to)

  • Agricultural, Civil, Construction, Earth-moving/Excavation industries

 (We specialise in rock breaker moil/Gad re pointing/forging, as well as custom crow bars).

  • Fluid power/Hydraulic - Gear Cutting - Mining - Rail/Locomotive - Automotive - Water And Waste Management - Civil Engineering - Demolition and Plant Hire Industries.

  • Water/Gas/Utility - Naval/Defence - Heavy haulage - Marine/Ship Building - lifting/rigging, Manufacturing/General Engineering - And Timber Related Industries.


Our Products Include-

Custom forgings as well as hot/cold bends in any quantity.

  • Semi finished near net parts for machining or fabrication- E.g; Gear blanks, Stepped Shafts, Crank Shafts, Eccentric Shafts, Pinions, Hubs, Discs, Forged Rings, Flanges, Spacers, Heavy Wall Tubes, Sprockets, And More

  • Custom Fastener manufacture- E.g; Ore Crusher, Liner and U Bolts, Open or Closed Bent or Forged  Eye bolts.

  • Water/Gas/Utility Tools- Manhole keys and lifters, Valve Keys and extensions. Stop Valve Eye Bolts, Lifting/Prying Bars, Wedges, Chisels, Caulking Tools/Chisels, Custom Tools/Accessories And Much More

  •  Rail Tools- Turning/Lifting/Prying and Pigs Feet Bars, Rail Lifting Tongs, Brake shoe keys/blocks, Cold Sets, Sledge Or Other Style Hammers, Rail Fasteners, Bow Plates.

  • Manufacture and servicing of Pneumatic/hydraulic tools- E.g; Caulking Chisels, Jackhammer bits, Rock-breaker moils/Gads.

  • Heat Treatment including- Hardening, Annealing, Tempering, Stress Relieving as well as Pre and post weld Heat treatment.

  • Welding, fabrication, machining and thermal cutting


Key Terms

  • Heat treatment- Processes to alter properties in a material via heating and cooling regimes.

  • machining- The controlled removal of stock

  • Forging- Is the shaping or forming of a metal with no stock removal unless desired (excluding surface oxides) and is usually done hot 

  • Grain flow- Much like timber, metals have a crystalline grain structure.

  • Mechanical and Physical properties- Mechanical properties can be defined as any property in the material that varies and can be measured for example; toughness or hardness where as a physical property cannot be measured and is set, colour, melting point, density, magnetism, etc.


Material Selection

Specialising in ferrous forgings we stock a wide range of plain carbon and alloy steels.

This is simply and indication of our commonly used materials 

If you are uncertain of what material you require our team of experts are more than happy to work with you and select whats most appropriate for your application


  • 1020 (mild steel)

  • 1050

  • 1045

  • 1080


  • 4140

  • 4340

  • EN26


  • 306

  • 316

  • 304

  • 431


  • K245

  • K700

  • R100

  • K100/D2


  • En36A

  • Spring Steel


  • Copper

  • Aluminium

  • Titanium

  • bronze

  • Brass


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